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As a Cub Scout mom and busy professional, I want to create fun experiences and memories for my children that don't take a ton of time or require my own craft room and trust fund. Though a trust fund would be nice someday...

How To Identify Different Evergreen Trees

Yesterday it snowed! Not the very first snow of the year but one of the firsts and it was gorgeous.  It frosted the top sides of the tree branches and, even more beautifully, covered the ugly pots left on the … Continue reading

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Tis the season…for bird migration!

Just about everybody who’s turned an eye to the sky in the past few weeks has had the opportunity to see those familiar V-ish shapes of migrating birds flying south for the winter.  But why do they do it? I … Continue reading

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30 Second Follow Up: Orion Launch Video

In case you missed it you can check out information about the Orion here: NASA’s Orion Page And see the launch itself here: Orion Launch

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“Mom! The Orion Is Launching At 7:05am Tomorrow Morning!!”

That’s the excited shout that greeted me when I picked up my 7 year old little boy from school today.  It’s what he, bouncing up and down with excitement, proceeded to tell everybody he met with huge optimism  for the … Continue reading

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What’s That In The Sky? Let’s Check The Star Chart App!

While I’m not a huge fan of cold winter nights even I have to admit nothing beats a clear winter night sky for seeing the stars.  They just seem clearer and brighter somehow in the crisp evening air.  A lot … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Necklace Idea

Boys Life Magazine had a great craft idea for families to make using the leftover bones from the turkey carcass this Thanksgiving, make a necklace!  Full instructions are at the Boys Life site but here’s the 30-second rundown: Use Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Making Textured Paintbrushes

Well I just sent 30+ little boys home with their own catapults and hard candy “ammunition”…. I’m thinking ahead to Thanksgiving week and the inevitable question that many parents ask themselves right before the holiday, “What can I do with … Continue reading

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