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As a Cub Scout mom and busy professional, I want to create fun experiences and memories for my children that don't take a ton of time or require my own craft room and trust fund. Though a trust fund would be nice someday...

How To Start Seeds Indoors Better Than Me

One of my personal vices is that I spend way too much time on Pinterest imagining what my perfect organic, homesteading life would be like.  My chickens would happily produce big beautiful eggs not at all covered in dirt or … Continue reading

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How To Build A Fast Pinewood Derby Car (or: a great way to sneak a science discussion into your car building bonding time)

One of the really neat things about America being such a large country is that seasonally, February and March look very different depending on where you live. Here in Boston we’re still looking at feet of snow still on the … Continue reading

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My (Kind of) Ode to Carabiners

Twas the night before Winter Camp, And all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, Not even a….wait, who am I kidding? The night before Winter Camp in my house is like a twister meeting an outdoor yard sale. … Continue reading

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How To Build A Quinzee Snow Fort In Your Back Yard

So here in the Boston area we got 2-3 feet of snow this week.  There’s so much snow on the ground that I’m measuring it by how far the kids sink into it when they go play outside.    At … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Yes, it’s a throwback Thursday Vanilla Ice Title.  Deal with it. 🙂 After an unusually warm holiday season in Boston winter arrived with sub zero temps this week.  Now, I’m not a fan of the cold myself but for Camp … Continue reading

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Look! Up In The Sky! It’s Some Major Astronomical Events of 2015!

A few days ago a page I follow on Facebook posted a great pic highlighting the major Astronomical events of 2015 and asked people to share with friends and family. I thought it was pretty cool so I’m happy to … Continue reading

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Make New Year’s Resolutions With Your Children This Year!

Ahhhh, New Year’s resolution time.  The most well-intentioned week and a half of my year.   Over the course of my adulthood I’ve resolved everything from the standard “lose weight” to the more adventurous “write a novel” but I’m afraid … Continue reading

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