Ice, Ice, Baby

Yes, it’s a throwback Thursday Vanilla Ice Title.  Deal with it. 🙂

After an unusually warm holiday season in Boston winter arrived with sub zero temps this week.  Now, I’m not a fan of the cold myself but for Camp Sayre this is awesome!  After weeks of waiting for it to get cold enough we were finally able to start prepping our winter weekend program and today the snow maker was running, the ice skating rink was solidifying, and ice is thickly coating lookout rock for ice climbing.  By the time we open for the weekend our full menu of winter weekend activities will be ready to go!


Snow may be the headliner for winter activities in New England but there’s a ton you can do with ice as well.  In fact ice climbing is one of our most asked about program offerings.  There are a lot of great things that you and your family can do with ice at your own house as well and you don’t even need a humungous rock.  For example, you can make ice marbles!  Here’s what you need:

  • a bunch of balloons
  • some food coloring (it won’t disperse evenly but it will look pretty)

Have your little ones drop the food coloring in the empty balloon first, then fill it with water, tie it off, and leave it outside overnight.  By morning you’ll have a solid frozen ice marble.  Check to be sure it’s frozen solid by shaking it gently and listening for liquid sloshing, if you hear anything let it set out some more until you’re sure it’s solid all the way through.

Once you know it’s solid just unwrap the balloon from around the marble and the children have made a beautiful yard ornament that will last all winter.  They can play ice marbles, try out some ice bowling, and when they’re all tired out they can just leave them in the yard and everybody thinks you went all Martha Stewart with the natural winter decorations.  If you want to get really fancy you can use a 1″ drill bit to drill out the bottom of the marble and insert an electric candle in the space.  It will glow from within when it gets dark and looks really great!

Ice marbles 1-1 icemarbles2icemarbles

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As a Cub Scout mom and busy professional, I want to create fun experiences and memories for my children that don't take a ton of time or require my own craft room and trust fund. Though a trust fund would be nice someday...
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