Make a Swedish Torch For A Warm Campfire on Cool Nights!

At Camp Sayre one of the big debates we hear among the boys (and adults) at the Ax Yard and Outdoor Cooking areas is about campfire construction:  log cabin versus teepee style.


It’s a little harder to construct but with the TeePee style the cone takes advantage of the rising heat produced from the lit kindling.

Log Cabin Campfire

The log cabin campfire is a classic structure and pretty easy to put together. It allows air flow and elevates kindling above the initial flames of the tinder placed within the structure.

Personally I was a DuraFlame Log kind of gal until Walt joined scouting but last spring a great older scoutmaster introduced me to something new: the Swedish Torch.  A Swedish Torch takes one large round and splits it 6 ways, with a chainsaw if you have it but an axe works too. The trick is to try not to cut all the way through but if you do you can use a pulled-apart wire coat hanger to bind the pieces together.  Once you have the cuts made you can use tinder or even a small candle placed in the center to start the wood burning and it will burn from the inside out.  Very cool!  Since it’s all one piece it’s also super easy to transport and fits compactly even in a backyard fire pit.  It also usually has a flat top so you can even cook on it!

swedish torch           swedish flame

Swedish Torches can even be found sometimes pre-cut in grocery stores and if you have the chance to try one out it’s a cool way to do a fall campfire or even a little backyard outdoor cooking.

Good Scouting!

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As a Cub Scout mom and busy professional, I want to create fun experiences and memories for my children that don't take a ton of time or require my own craft room and trust fund. Though a trust fund would be nice someday...
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