Why Do Leaves Change Color In The Fall?

A great conversation for Boy Scouts earning Environmental Science Merit Badge and Cubs learning about nature.


Chlorophyll gives leaves their green colour and is so dominant it hides the other colours in the leaves.  But in the fall, chlorophyll in the leaves breaks down due to lack of sunlight and that breakdown allows the other colors to come through in beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges.

Have your Scout (Cub or Boy) identify some of the leaves in the backyard.  If he’s older he might pick up on the fact that different species of tree change to their own particular shades, making it easy to identify trees in fall, even from far away!

 leaf chart leaf chemistry

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As a Cub Scout mom and busy professional, I want to create fun experiences and memories for my children that don't take a ton of time or require my own craft room and trust fund. Though a trust fund would be nice someday...
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